WordPress with React.js – Designing & Building a Modern Web App


JAMSTACK (JavaScript, API, and Markup generated by a static site generator) aficionados got thrilled by the news of WordPress getting used as a headless CMS (Content Management System) in 2017. The concept of headless CMS was just about making noise with WordPress embracing it with its REST (Representational State Transfer) API. This technology got clicked-on as it paid-off as a facilitation platform that converged well with the ever-changing web-development landscape that promises modern frontend techs to all developers.

The WordPress REST API (WP REST API) brings in a revolution that helps front-end developers to combine the power of JavaScript Frameworks like REACT (or Vue.js) with WordPress. WordPress gets used as a Backend while the REST Integration feeds data into a REACT App. Developers access the WP REST API from the Frontend, add a custom post-type while exposing it to the API, design a REACT App, and handle a Custom React Hook.

A whole new world of possibilities opens up for developers as the users can use WordPress as a headless CMS. The technology allows the best of both traditional and modern web development tools like JS Frameworks to get used together. Thus, the WP REST API gets connected with apps. A customized mobile app can now create, read, edit, or delete WordPress Data. REACT can now be used on a headless WordPress. The Use Case of REACT reaches the most devs out there. It has a flexible and reusable component system, which increases the workflow-efficiency. By connecting both WP REST API and REACT Frontend, a full JAMSTACK gets put together.

WP constantly evolves with the REST API. Hassle-free work gets done as REACT empowers developers to use WP with any Frontend Stack. Enabled through React.js, WordPress and JAMSTACK work together to design and build modern web apps. ALT-D Technologies work with developers to optimize the performance of WP REST API and help them in creating web or mobile apps using this technology. Our team has the expertise to design great web and mobile apps with the WP REST API.

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