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India as a sports-loving nation has made exponential growth in terms of its digital infrastructure and it was never a surprise how sports enthusiasts shifted from offline to online gaming, especially fantasy sports. In the quest of making live sports events more fan-engaging, online fantasy sports turned out to be a platform for cheering and forming gaming strategies. Mobile games and other gaming applications are gaining ground in the gaming industry and they’re here to stay. Virtual internet enhances virtual sportsmanship encouraging unique chances to have more opportunities to work on their leadership skills from their comfort zone. With millions of smartphone users, India is poised to garner more participation in fantasy sports from sports fans, and providing an online environment that allows participants in multiple jurisdictions, ALT-D turns your ideas into a live working mobile application that will set your baseline for smooth business.

The fantasy sports business model brings together passionate and enthusiastic sports fans on a common platform and has changed the way fans consume their favorite sport. In a country like India, where every sports fan has an opinion, the emergence of fantasy sports enabled the fans and audience to unite and consume their favorite sport as active participants and this kind of gaming keeps them at the edge of their seats closer to the real-time action. Gaming is a recreational activity and for the online gaming industry, 2021 has been an eventful year as they have recently become popular over the internet during the phase of the pandemic. With this level of growth, a few core factors will shape the eventual future of fantasy sports in India.

Technological growth

The Indian online gaming industry has matured with the increased use of smartphones, quick access to data, pocket-friendly technology, and the proliferation of digital payment applications. Becoming one of the biggest fantasy markets on the planet, AR and VR will play a major role in fostering India’s game culture and environment transforming the gaming experience.

Sponsorship and celebrity endorsement

The driving force behind team sponsorship and sports celebrity endorsement is the growth potential and this has turned out to be one of the best sources to stay ahead of the curve and celebrate Indian sports.

Growth of the digital gaming ecosystem

Steered by the convergence of new technologies, internet penetration, and an increase in the number of mobile users tech-savvy gamers are further accelerating the growth of multi-player and skill-based gaming. Helping the virtual gaming industry grow, players begin to understand the game across different formats.

Introducing different games

While cricket certainly has triumphed among fantasy sports in India, fantasy platforms have a good future ahead as games other than cricket are also gaining support from users, and other sports such as football, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, etc driving up demand and have also started gaining popularity in the recent times.

Increase in investments

Fantasy sports will become a significant phenomenon in the country, and as one of the fast-growing segments in the gaming segment, fantasy sports platforms will boost overall investment in the realm and furnish an opening for global giants to reach the market. Revolutionizing the whole gaming industry, they will get garnered investments and will continue to expand exponentially through many of its verticals. Mobile app development helps brands transform the retail experience and the ALT-D tech squad aims to make the world a better place using technology.

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